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Pashtun culture in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Pathan culture in kpk

Pashtun culture  is based on Islam and Pashtunwali .They speak the Pashto language and wearing Pashtun dress. Traditional Pashto music is mostly klasik ghazals, using rubab or sitar, tabla, flute and some other intrusments of music. khushal khattak was a famous poet of kpk.hazara culture is somewhat different

Pashto dance types

There are several  type of Pashtu dance.in which some are common Atan or Attan also called attanrh

Khattak dance

Picture of khattak dance

khattak dance images

most popular dance of pathan.

Mahsud dance

Pics Of mehsud dance

mehsud dance

Waziri dance

Waziri dance pictures

waziri dance images

Clothing of pashtun

They mostly wear shalwar qameez. In the Kandahar region men  wear different varieties of  hat similar to a topi and in Peshawar region they wear white kufis . tribal chiefs sometimes wear a karakul hat, like Hamid Karzai and others.pashtun fashion

Sport in kpk

Buzkashi and polo are two important games in this reigion.

buzkashi pictures

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