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Ya Habeeb Ya Hussain (A.S) by Irfan Haider noha in mp3

Noha is a genre of Arabic,Persian or Urdu prose depicting the martyrdom of the Holy Imams Hussain.Marsia is also called Noha in a sence.Noha is a type of poetry for expressing their feelings for their islamic leadres.

noha hd images 2013Noha or Nuha is a Arabic Word means Wisdom.This world is used in holy Quran in twice.it is the plural of mindsIn pakistan the most famous Noha khan are Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar,Syed Mesum Abbas Naqv,Hassan Sadiq,Syed Irfan Haider Rizvi,Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi,Ali Haider,Farhan Ali Waris,Mir Hassan Mir,Shahid Baltistani,Munir Ahmed Fariyad,Zeeshan Haiderand Qurban Jafri etc.

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